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Over the Simile-Mahd-Alm to the Wild Lake

The Wild Lake, located at the foot of the imposing Wilden Kreuzspitze, is undoubtedly a jewel of the Pfunderer Mountains in the Zillertal Alps and at the same time the fascinating goal of this medium-difficulty hiking tour.

Wilden See

To reach the starting point of this breathtaking mountain tour, we drive by car from Freienfeld via Valgenäun to the idyllic hamlet of Niederflans. From there, we continue on a gravel road that leads us through the picturesque Sengestal. At an altitude of 1,370 meters, a small parking lot near the former Flaner Säge awaits us. Here we begin our adventure and follow the forestry road number 2A, which leads us up through the valley. As we pass the enchanting Sengesalmen, the forest gradually thins out and the valley opens up to our sides. After a winding route, we finally arrive directly at the rustic Simile-Mahd-Alm, which is located at an altitude of 2,011 meters.

Wilden See

Following the advice to start early in the morning, we do not stay long at the Alm, but follow from there the signposts number 2 (or the Pfunderer Höhenweg) towards Sengesjöchl and Wild Lake. The path initially leads us gently uphill along blooming alpine meadows, which are unmatched in their floral diversity. Behind the imposing Purnegg-Kuppe, the direction of the path changes to the northeast and leads us through a valley with lush high alpine meadows to the Ochsenalm. We pass this Alm and then begin the ascent to the Sengesjöchl, which is located at over 2,600 meters altitude between the striking Kalkgrubenspitz and the Ebengrubenspitz, a foothill of the imposing Wilden Kreuzspitze. Immediately after the pass, which is sometimes still covered with snow remnants in July, the fascinating sight of the deep blue Wild Lake opens up before our eyes.

The sight of this beautiful high alpine natural landscape immediately compensates us for the efforts of the ascent, which finally amounts to a proud 1,236 meters. The way back is now somewhat easier, as we walk down the same path. Finally, we treat ourselves to a well-deserved break at the Simile-Mahd-Alm and stop there for refreshment.