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Christmas Market in Sterzing

The Christmas Market in Sterzing is a traditional and charmingly designed market that attracts numerous visitors from near and far each year. With its picturesque backdrop, festively decorated stands, and cozy atmosphere, the Christmas market offers an unparalleled experience during the Advent season.

The Christmas Market in Sterzing

The Christmas Market in Sterzing takes place in the main square of the city, surrounded by historic buildings. The square itself is festively decorated with twinkling lights, fir branches, and Christmas decorations, creating a magical atmosphere that instantly puts visitors in the Christmas spirit.

The stands at the Christmas Market offer a wide selection of handmade products, crafts, traditional toys, Christmas ornaments, and much more. Visitors will find unique gift ideas and can sample local specialties such as South Tyrolean bacon, cheese, honey, pastries, and mulled wine. The friendly stall owners are always happy to provide information about their products and how they are made.

A highlight of the Christmas Market is the nativity scene, which is set up each year near the church. It is lovingly designed and displays the Christmas story with life-size figures. Visitors can admire the nativity scene and feel the peace and contemplation of the Christmas festival.

The Christmas Market in Sterzing

For children, the Christmas Market has a special program. There are carousels, a children’s bakery, a creative workshop, and the opportunity to meet Santa Claus. Children can look forward to a magical and unforgettable time.

In addition to the stands and attractions, the Christmas Market in Sterzing also offers a varied program. There are regular live music performances, choirs, and bands playing Christmas tunes. Various performances, such as dance and theater shows, provide additional entertainment.

Another highlight of the Christmas Market is the ice rink, where visitors can skate. Whether beginners or advanced, ice skating on the rink is great fun and joy for people of all ages.

The Christmas Market in Sterzing is not only a place for shopping and enjoyment but also a place of togetherness and sociability. Families, friends, and visitors come together to experience the festive atmosphere and share beautiful moments together.

Overall, the Christmas Market in Sterzing is an unforgettable experience that delights visitors with its festive mood, diverse offerings, and warm hospitality. It is a place where the anticipation of Christmas is palpable and beautiful memories are created. The Christmas Market in Sterzing is truly magical during the pre-Christmas season.